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Siskiyou Cultural Arts Institute
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Siskiyou Cultural Arts Institute, called SCAI (sky) by its friends, is a cultural and educational nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Oregon and receiving 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS.

What does SCAI hope to accomplish?

Our mission is to provide greater access to culturally enriching experiences in the Rogue Valley, especially those associated with traditional martial arts, related aesthetic arts, and movement education.

Specifically, SCAI provides scholarships for students in need at Siskiyou Aikikai, supports teachers and teachers in training to attend related seminars outside of the dojo, and provides funding for outreach programs, special trainings and new programs at Siskiyou Aikikai.

Who has SCAI benefited so far?
During 2004, SCAI supported class attendance and participation in seminars for 11 youth and 10 adults. SCAI contributed to the children’s Aikido cultural camp, a martial movement/traditional life skills seminar and a trip to Japan – all significant cultural enrichment experiences that benefit dojo and community members.

Who supports SCAI?
SCAI is supported by people like you, who wish to join in helping develop the richness of training and cultural experiences available through Siskiyou Aikikai.


Siskiyou Cultural Arts Institute Donation Form

SCAI, a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the state of Oregon, welcomes your donation in any amount. Additionally, you may be eligible for a tax credit by making a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust ( See their website, or give us a call for more information.
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Make out check to 'Siskiyou Cultural Arts Institute' and mail to:

221 Granite Street
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-482-5435

Usefull Links Photo Gallery Related Articles Cultural Arts Inst